14th- 15th c Manuscript Production in Novgorod.

Many medieval Russian manuscripts were produced by and for clergy, though lay production is known. Novgorod was a center of production, centering around the archbishopric, and then expanding in the 15th century to the monasteries. Types of manuscripts made included Gospels, Psalters, Lectionaries, Bibles, books of sermons, commentaries, chronicles, and miscellanies. (Popova 1984, Smirnova) Manuscript…

Fjorlief’s 14th century inspired scroll

Back in May, Fjorlief made an equestrian championship scroll for Stromgard based largely on the Hours of Saint Omer, British Library Add MS 36684, with additional bits of inspiration from the Luttrell Psalter and the Queen Mary Psalter.

Spiral Temple Rings

Wire spirals are the distinctive feature of Severian temple rings, found starting in the 10th-11th c, though some finds date up to the 13th c. Severian finds cluster in the area east of Kiev.

Characteristics of Tetralogical Style Manuscript Illumination

14th and 15th century Novgorod saw the flowering of a striking and and idiosyncratic style of manuscript illumination which incorporated high contrast zoomorphic knot work formed into a variety of shapes. Gospels, psalters, books of canons and more were decorated in this manner. This distinctive style was based in Novgorod starting in the 13th c….

Beak’s Reed Pen Presentation

Beak experimentally reconstructed Egyptian reed pens for Three Mountains’ Arts and Sciences Championship. She made 6 possible versions of the pen and wrote with each on papyrus. Documentation: 110917 Egyptian Reed Pen (1) Reed pens. Source: Brooklyn Museum

Actual size!

A baronial scroll based on a ca1450 Book of Hours from the Netherlands. Hand mixed pigments, oak gall ink, and W&N gold ink on parchment. Approx 5″x 7″. Pigments used were synthetic vermillion and ultramarine, Terra verte, and titanium white in gum Arabic.  I have attempted to match the exemplar size of 12 x 17…

Hollow bead temple rings, part 2

I had previously made 21 beads from sheet bronze for temple rings like the 12th c hollow bead temple rings found at Vodskaya near Novgorod.   In the Vodskaya finds pictured below there are between 4 and 9 beads per ring. I choose to make mine with 9. The hoop generally has a spiral or…

Collegium Handouts 2017

  I had a lovely time teaching at An Tir Collegium this year. My classes were:  Temple Rings East and West, and an adaptation of my Novgorod fur trade paper from KASB earlier this year. Handouts are here, as well as on the collegium thumb drives. Temple Rings West and East FortyPeltBundle Collegium  

Food, livestock, and game in the Novgorod birchbark documents

Many birchbark documents from Novgorod discuss trade, tribute or debt. Food appears frequently as a medium of exchange, as tribute, or simply in a shopping list. Various cereals are mentioned often including rye, barley, wheat and oats. Other items such as peas, hops, cheese, beer, wine, fish, game, livestock and flax appear as well. I…

Birchbark documents in Novgorod. 

Much of Novgorod’s casual personal and business correspondence was carried out on birchbark, including collections and records of debts, directives from landowners to peasants, shopping lists, child’s writing practice, personal letters, and much more. (Thompson 56-63, Petrova et al 38-40, Franklin 37) Birchbark is also found as containers, fishing floats and shoes. (Kolchin) While birchbark…

German Main de St Nicholas

This award was done at the event it was given out at, without my knowing the recipients name till the very last minute. Luckily I chose correctly. Ink and synthetic vermillion on paper.  The exemplar is chosen from the ca 1510-1517 model book of Gregorius Bock, Beinecke MS 439. Sources:  “Medieval Scribal Pattern Book.” Beinecke…