Birch Bark boxes from Novgorod 

Painted box and incised birchbark box, based on the same find.
I made a pair of birch bark boxes. I had first thought the patterns on the ones found in Novgorod were painted, but better pictures showed that at least some were just incised. 

I originally painted the designs on purchased boxes, but then assembled them from birch bark, after incising the patterns witha bone  folder. They were sewn with sisal, but the period ones were likely  spruce root. 

These were one of my entries in KASB 2011, along with my muscovite names article. 

Birchbark lids from Novgorod digs.
Top of box one
Top of box two
Side of box two
Birchbark is not super durable, sadly. Both of these are no longer usable. 

Full documentation:

Brisbane, Mark, Jon G. Hather, and Katherine Judelson. Wood Use in Medieval Novgorod. Oxford: Oxbow, 2007. Print.

Kolchin, Boris. Wooden Artefacts from Medieval Novgorod. Oxford: B. A. R., 1989. Print.

Yarish, Vladimir, Flo Hoppe, and Jim Widess. Plaited Basketry with Birch Bark. New York: Sterling Pub, 2009. Print.


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