Black Hours prize scroll

A baronial scroll in the style of the black hours of Maria of Aragon. 
This was for the Chivalry prize at a rapier championship tourney in Dragon’s Mist, February 2015. 

Based on the Maria Black Hours, dated to 1458 Spain.

Text provided by the baronial scribe. 
W&N metallic inks on art again black paper, silver for calligraphy and gold for illumination. The original has gold illumination and appears to alternate gold and silver in the text. I choose just silver for clarity. I believe the original used shell gold. Shading accomplished by varying the amount of ink in the pen. The original is on black dyed parchment, and paper was chosen based on availability. 

In progress. 

The cartoon. 


Metallic ink is difficult to calligraph well with, I needed to be super careful. The ott-lite was beyond necessary.


“A Collection in Context:The Hispanic Society of America.” Horae Beatae Marie Secundum Usum Curie Romane (Black Book of Hours). Web. 23 Aug. 2016.<;


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