Novgorod Style Ordo Famuli for Stromgard

Gouache, pen and ink on Bristol. Given in May 2015.

Based on a heading in a late 14th century manuscript. I have two versions of the same header. This is the original document , found at 

This is the same piece as it appears in a reissue of a 19th c book or redrawings, The Russian Ornament Sourcebook, which I have found reliable, and have been able to find the originals published elsewhere, if perhaps not in as good a condition has they were drawn in. 

This exemplar is atypical in that it has some green in the background in addition to the blue. 

Pseudohand created by me, text provided. 

I first did the redlining with a tech pen that bled, so I redid it with a dip pen and red speedball calligraphy ink. I’m much happier with the redo, and will likely use this ink more in future.
Thoughts: text area should have been smaller or the illumination wider, this spacing of the text is more squished than it should be. consider a two page esque layout with longer texts when using this style.

Braid detail

Initial detail. 

Cartoon. Rearranged a bit to accommodate the badge of the order. 

Red. This was less successful. 

Blue and green added. 

After redoing the red, with gold and some pen work. 

Pen work finished. 


“History of Russian Literature.” History of Russian Literature. Web. 18 Aug. 2016.<;

The Russian Ornament Sourcebook: 10th-16th Centuries. London: Vivays Pub., 2011. Print. 


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