Temple rings with beads. 

Two sets of temple rings I made in a class at An Tir West war. 

There are many varieties of Russain temple rings, as well as West Slavic. These are the beaded type, which range from one bead to five, and usually have metal beads, solid or filigree, and less often glass beads. The metals used could be bronze, other copper alloys, iron, gold or silver. 

I currently wear them threaded on a card woven strap, but multiple wearing methods are possible, including on a leather strap, in the hair and in the ears as earrings. All of these are found concurrently, irrespective of style. Multiple pairs were worn, not always in the same place or style. 

Both of my pairs are wire with smaller gauge wire coils on either side of a bead. One set has a metal bead, the other blue glass. These materials were selected from the supplies on hand. I am uncertain if the combination of glass bead and coils is accurate. 

Polanian area (Kiev, Chernigov) temple rings (From Beaton)

A variety of temple rings from Kostroma. (From Beaton)


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