Italian Griffin Viscounty scroll

Based on a guild register from 1377 Perugia. 

Gouache and pen on Bristol.  Gold is gold gouache. Done in June 2015. Text by me off no particular model. 

‘To all who hear these presents, greetings, know that we Tryggr and Temperance, prince and princess of the summits, recognizing the grace and service shown by Diana de Winterton as during her reign, do name her Vicountess, with all the rights and responsibilities there unto pertaining. Done by Our hand and seal this day of June as 50. ‘

Of course I’ve swapped a mountain in for the chest, and put the recipient in the initial. 

I really like the effect of the background and frame detailing. 

I started off drawing this the wrong size, but realized I had an extra inch to use, and got to expand the border mid project. It did mean I had more breathing room for the text.  


Centuriespast. “Centuriespast.”  Web. 27 Aug. 2016. <;


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