Letter of marque. 

Letter of marque for court shtick. Ended up with a pendant seal.
Ink on pergamenta, metal nib. 

This was the first time I used pergamenta, and I really enjoyed it. Lots of things I would change about the spacing now that I look at it again.

Based loosely on letters patent of Henry VI. 

Hand from a mid 16th c indenture. 


This was a small part of a master of defense ceremony. It is a letter of marque. The idea was that the recipient had be so successful a privateer that he was granted a peerage. Based on Sir William Drake I believe.

Text (not by me) 

Text. Mary Grace, Queen of An Tir, charges Don Andrew Williams with a letter of marque and reprisal, who she deems fitly qualified for apprehending, seizing and taking of ships and goods, belonging to any nation that is not An Tir or allied with Her Majesty, back to An Tir for judgment, adjudication and condemnation as needed. His Lordship is charged to keep a journal of all prizes taken on behalf of Her Majesty, noting the appropriate tithe for the Crown and details of the seizure. His ship will, when afforded the opportunity, return to An Tir with all prizes intact and to present the journal to Her Majesty. His Lordship is granted safe harbor and the protection of An Tir while meeting the conditions set forth in this letter.


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