Roman Vergil style Crystal Rainbow

A Baronial service award, done in October 2015. Gouache on pergamenta, Roman Rustic hand, dip pen. Text written by me , no exemplar. 
Based on an illustration of Iris in the Roman Vergil, personalized for the recipient with a reference to her arms and a portrait. 

Pergamenta curls a lot with water based media. Next time I’m tempted to tape it to a board. 

I like how almost cartoony the illustrations are in the exemplar manuscript. I added heraldry, radishes and bunnies to personalize, and tweaked the proportions to work with text. 

The hand was fun to learn. I’d try for a less static composition next time.

Wright, David H. The Roman Vergil and the Origins of Medieval Book Design. Toronto: U of Toronto, 2001. Print. 


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