Byzantine Tir Righ award 

A Tir Righ Principality award, the Red Flame, given fall 2015. This was Byzantine to match the reign, and customized some for the recipient. I chose a two page layout to better match the layout of the exemplar, a 12thC psalter.  

Gouache and gold ink on Pergamenta. 

Based largely on
The hand is a Byzantine Greek/Cyrillic pseudo hand created by Halima Al-Rakkasa

She based the hand on the Phillips lectionary which is 11thc Byzantine.

All the outlines are gold ink, which was smoother than expected; the rest of the gold is gouache and burnished. All the gold would have been leaf in period. 

The sheep was added for the recipient, and is inspired by another contemporary manuscript.

Just the gold ink. 


Red and green

Adding the gold gouache. (linel light gold, it’s grainy on the brush, but is burnish able. I generally use at least two layers)

Details post white work. 


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