Pen Frill Crystal Rainbow

A baronial service award. Ink and gouache on vellum Bristol. Pen work was done with liquidy gouache in a dip pen. This was done in August 2015, but was given out in December 2015, waiting to catch the recipient in court.

Based on a Dutch manuscript dated to 1457, found here..

Calligraphy and base drawing

Starting on the inital. I would do either a lighter blue or a lighter purple were I to do it again.. Contrast issues were helped by whitework, but are still present. 

Capitals and starting on the frills 

White work and gold done. 

These frills are super fun to do, would like to use this manuscript as inspiration again.


“Koninklijke Bibliotheek.” Haarlem. Web. 28 Aug. 2016. <;


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