French Master of Defense scroll. 

Gouache and oak gall ink on parchment. 

The scroll is based on a two page spread from the Tres riches hueres of the Duc de Berry at approximately actual size. (71v-72r) 
Various personal and branch heraldry was incorporated at the request of the recipient.

Text written by me and based very loosely on a letter offering induction into the Order of the Garter.  

‘Unto all to whom these presents may come do Havorc and Mary Grace, by right and inspiration King and Queen of An Tir, send greetings. Whereas you, Victor de Guerse, having given well of your skill, service and sword both to Us and Our people, also as champion of divers partes of Our realm, have by your deeds caused Us to admit you into Our order of the Masters of Defence. And We are most assured, That as you have hitherto with singular Courage, Conduct, and Fidelity, served Us, so you will still do the same, as becomes a Companion of so Noble an Order. Therefore do We will and authorize you to bear the insignia of said Order henceforward, without let or impediment. Done at eleventh night in Our lands of Myrtleholt , Anno societatis 50.’

Parchment is lively for sure. This sheet and the ink I used were made by David Bianco. 


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