11th c Russian block printing on fabric. 

I block printed wool and silk fabrics based on an extrapolation of the design from a textile scrap found in Chernigov, Russia, dating to the 11th or 12th c. The original was printed in black on a light ground, on tabby wool. I carved the block at approximate actual size of 8 inches across, after drawing out the design and graphite transferring it.


Design as reconstructed. 

The design is easier to see when inked. 

l used a linoleum block, though it would be hardwood in period, due to accessibility. I used acrylic textile ink used based on drying time and availability, in period an oil and pigment mixture would have been used. The fabric I used first is a wool blend twill, which was in my stash, while the original is plain weave. 
My motif spacing is based on this example of roundel patterned clothing from a contemporary painting.

Mural from St Sophia, Kiev. 

In progress. 

Finished wool. 

Next I printed the same block on a silk twill, for trim on another garment. 

Jakunina describes another printed fragment, this one found outside of Kiev, dated to the 10th c. that is printed on a silk twill. 

10th c silk printed fragment. 

Yellow gave me an odd green. 

The red is my favorite. 


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