Russian knotwork Baronial scroll


A Stromgard baronial scroll. Given yesterday. Based on a late 16th century Russian manuscript. Ink on pergamenta. Pseudo hand by me, text provided by the baronial scribe.


Laying out the header. I used coins. Compass or circle template also work well. If you look closely you’ll see I missed the circles on the top and bottom edges. I added them once I caught it.


Just the red outline.

With the gold added. My exemplar had gold and gold ochre ink, here I’ve chosen to use metallic gold ink for both. I do see examples with gold used both in the decoration and calligraphy.

Very dark blue  filled in. I chose to do the dots in the blue as paper showing thru, and had to add a few back with gouache. I’d likely just do them all with gouache over top next time.


“The Manuscripts Literature Collection.” / «Velikiy Novgorod». Web. 31 July 2016. <;

Gormin, V. V., Liudmila Yarosh, and V. E. Barnev. Novgorod: Art Treasures and Architectural Monuments, 11th-18th Centuries: Architecture, Frescoes, Archaeological Artefacts, Minor Arts, Icons, Illuminated Mss. Leningrad: Aurora Art, 1984. Print.


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  1. Wow. This is just amazing…


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