Romanesque Pelican 

A pelican scroll based on the Bury Bible. Given at May Crown 2016.  Text written by me (next post). Gouache and ink with dip pen on pergamenta. Gold is gold gouache burnished. Rotunda hand is also influenced by the hand in the Arnstein bible, which is roughly contemporary. 

I was in love with the opening page, but ultimately used elements from several pages, which also allowed me to honor a request for a portrait.  

This was my main inspiration.

I chose to model the second and mostly text page more on this than on page 2 to allow the text to be read more easily. 

My portrait initial is based on the two following initials, combining the rocks from folio 94 inside an A based on folio 136. 

Sketch for the main initial. 

Just the basics so far. 



Reds and yellow. 

Almost done. Just white work and details remaining.  

Final portrait initial. 

Final main initial. 

Bury Bible found here.

And here.

Arnstein Bible found here.


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