Russian equestrian champion scroll

A Russian style scroll for an outgoing equestrian champion. Given on the 3rd of September 2016. Based on the early 12th c Yuriev gospels. 

Ink on pergamenta. 
Custom 12th Russian text by Yehuda ben Moshe/Juliean Galak

Exemplar: Yuriev Gospels, 1118-1129, Novgorod.

Inking the cartoon for the header.  I compressed the design some to fit the proportions I was after. I hadn’t yet decided whether I would leave the cats on top in or not. 

With initial and calligraphy layout. The initial is a synthesis of several in the manuscript. 

Various intials in the exemplar. 


Starting on red. Since Perg is so translucent, I was able to just trace over the cartoon in the final red ink. 

I decided that horses would be an appropriate substitute for the cats on the header in the exemplar, and found an initial elsewhere in the  manuscript with a horse to modify. 

The horse initial. 

Signed and sealed. 

The text was written by Juliean Galak/ Yehuda ben Moshe, based on a period document, and to suit SCA and An Tir conventions. 

From Yehuda:

“Inspired by Charter # 81, p. 140-141 – 1130, Charter of Great Knyaz Mstisla Bladimirovicha and his son Vsevoloda to the Novgorod Yuriev monaster for the village of Byutsi and a silver dish. From Gramoty Velikogo Novgoroda i Pskova (Charters of Great Novgorod and Pskov), Moscow, 1949

 Russian Text:

 Се ѧзъ Князь Кѧртан Даега сын и Княгиня моя Шая дьржа Ан Тировγ землю, и отдать Иванγ Лесковγ Орден Коня и Льва, съ данию, и съ вирами, и съ продажами. Да же котори кнѧзь по нашимъ кнѧжении хотѣти отѧти γ него, а бог бγди за тѣмь γ него отимаеть. И ты Иван Лесков продолжаи же защищать и за нас и за наших дѣти и при животѣ и въ съмьртию А мы дали рγкою своею на Короннои Тγрнире Третева Сентѧбря лета пѧтьдесѧть-один, или 7524, или 2016. Да же кто запъртить тγ даньб да, сγдить емγ богъ в день страшного сγда.

 English Text:

 And so, we, King Kjartan Daegarson, and my Queen, Sha’ya, holding the lands of An Tir, are granting Ivan Leskov memebership in the Ordre de Cheval et Lion, accompanied with the appropriate taxes, death tolls, and rights to collect fines as befits his new station. And should even another noble in our kingdom try to take this from him, god shall punish any who so try. And you, Ivan Leskov, are charged with continuing to defend us and our heirs, in life and in death. So we set our hand upon this at our Crown Tournament on the Third day of September, AS 51, or the year 7524 since the creation of the world* or the year 2016 in the common era. And any who seek to forbid this grant shall answer to god on the day of the great judgment.”

Yehudas blog:


“Yuriev Gospel”. Booksite. Web. 06 Sept. 2016. <;

The Russian Ornament Sourcebook: 10th-16th Centuries. London: Vivays Pub., 2011. Print. 

Bowater, Marina, and V. V. Stasov. The Decorative Art of Russia. New York: Portland House, 1990. Print. 

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