Order of the Summits, Russian style. 

Order of the Summits based largely on a page from a Russian tetraevangelion dated to before 1542, given at Summits September Coronet 2016. Text is the standard Order of the Summits text and the hand is my Russian pseudohand, by request of the coronet scribe. The original is on paper. Gouache and ink on Bristol. 


I looked at few other manuscripts for the details on this piece. This 16th c manuscript has headers with the sorts of details I used on the red arch and the blue border. 

16th c Acts of the Apostles manuscript, found in Early Russian Painting. 

These two headers show a similar arrangement, and the same sorts of whitework. The top image also has the same sort of frilly pen work as my main exemplar. 

16th c Acts of the Apostles 

16th c Gospels. 

Both from The Russian Ornament Sourcebook. 


Calligraphy and gold done. 

Blue and green


Black pen work, and first layer of whitework.  



“Tetraevangelion. Before 1542.” Ostromir Gospel and the Manuscript Tradition of the New Testament Texts: Tetraevangelion. Web. 13 Oct. 2016.  <http://www.nlr.ru/eng/exib/Gospel/drus/41.html&gt;

The Russian Ornament Sourcebook: 10th-16th Centuries. London: Vivays Pub., 2011. Print

Koscova, Aleksandra Semenovna. Drevnerusskaja živopis’ v Sobranii Érmitaža: Ikonopis’, Knižnaja Miniatjura…XIII-nač. XVII Veka = Early Russian Painting in the Hermitage Collection: Icons, Book-miniatures.. Sankt-Peterburg: Iskusstvo, 1992. Print. 


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