Hungarian Mountains Pride

A Baronial Championship scroll, based on a Hungarian Breviary from 1481. Gouache and inks on Pergamenta. Illuminated area is approx 7″x 9″, close to original size. Text by me.  I swapped out the wreath for the arms of the Barony and switched the pink to orange to better match the recipient’s taste. Given October 2016. 


So let it be known to all that having well served both Ourselves and the Barony of Three Mountains as well as its most noble and talented populace for the past year as Our Champion of heavy combat, are We Baron Sebastian and Baroness Erika of Three Mountains minded to reward the service of our most excellent gentle, one known as Istvan Gyori, and cause his name to be entered into the roll of Our Mountains Pride. Done by Our hand and seal, this second day of October, AS 51.

Calligraphy done. In contrast to my usual process, I did not make a preliminary cartoon. The shapes here are simple enough I drew them directly on the perg. 

With the key parts of the design laid out. 

Full pencil. Most of the decoration is the gold filigree, which I will freehand. 


A nice viridian looking green. 

Orange, and a tiny bit of yellow. 


White. Not much white on this one. Most of the highlights will be in gold. 

Starting the gold. 

Just noticed the exemplars ruling is in gold. Neat. Added that. 

Filling in the filigree. 

Gold finished and highlights and initial done. 

Museum, The Morgan Library &. “Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts.” Breviary, MS G.7 Fol. 173v. Web. 22 Oct. 2016. <;


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