Simple temple rings

I was looking at the jewelry found in Pskov, and noticed the squished wire bits in grave 1. Oh! Could that be temple rings of the simple bracelet kind? So I made some.


Temple rings / temple ornaments are jewelry worn at the temples in various ways by medieval Slavic /Russian women. These specific temple ornaments are based on those found in grave 1 at Pskov, but the style is found in both West and East Slavic contexts, and in a variety of sizes. 

From 10th century Pskov, photo from Eniosova

Silver, from Thuringia.

Gold, Poland.,dziekanowice-stan22.html

Smolensk (#4) from Beaton. 

I drew previously forged and rolled silver wire down to approximately 11 gauge, close to the scale of the Pskov example, using a draw plate and tongs.  

The wires were trimmed to size and the ends flattened. I use the rolling mill, though historically they would have been forged. 

I then bent the flattened ends into the end loops. 

Next I bent the wire around a mandrel, and planished to harden.  



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из камерных погребений Старовознесенского некрополя


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