Summits themed block printing. 

Ayla Roth had a vision in blue for TAH Tjorkill and Alina’s step up clothes. I started out printing the fabric for his caftan, and then I printed some pieces speculatively, that turned into trim for the both of them. All of the fabric used the first of the Chernigov blocks with a variety of accents. Ayla and her team did the sewing.  

Tjorkill’s kaftan used the Chernigov blocks and the griffin in shades of blue on white silk. 

Alina’s trim is dark blue on blue indigo dyed silk with silver hearts. 

Tjorkill’s trim is silver on dark blue silk. 

Roundel block is from 10-11th c Chernigov. 

More about medieval textile printing:

Jakunina, L. J. “O triech kurgannych tkaniach” Trudy Gosudarstwiennowo Istoriczieskowo Muzieja, T.11. Moskwa, 1940, s. 140 inn, rys. 1


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