Watercolor runestone scroll

A departure, scroll wise. This is a watercolor of a runestone with the relevant scroll text. I don’t yet have a picture with seal and signatures. Red ink over watercolor for the text. The robin and apple refer to the recipients arms, the birds in the water are pelicans, and the mountains are the Lions, in British Columbia.

The form of the runestone, and the attempt to use skaldic meter, Dróttkvætt in particular,  in the inscription is based on the late 10th c Karlevi runestone, which is the only known runestone to contain skaldic verse.  I used the younger futhark, adding a few runes to accommodate English, as well as ones used on the Karlevi stone. 

 Text as follows:
Kjartan King and Sha’ya Queen raised this stone for Elina Karlsdottir. 
Elina, bright baroness

Ever wise, Lion’s servant

Sif-tree of many virtues

Says now Skulds answer 

Treads she the waves road

To Wyewood winter cold

Royal hands give honors

Write words of service long
Kjartan, fierce ring giver

Knows Elina’s true worth

Shay’a, freya-tear’s tree,

Sets her among pelicans 

So then let it be Known. On January 14 AS 51 these runes were carved.

On reflection, I missed a few elements of the form, so I’ll call it inspired by.  

Karlevi runestone https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karlevi_Runestone

The runes I added in were those for P and Ng, p because pelican, and Ng because I see it on the runestone. 
Wash layer 

More definition

Words done

Highlights done. 









Jesch, Judith. Women in the Viking Age. Woodbridge: Boydell, 1991. Print.

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