Pendants for Novgorod temple rings. 

Tiered Trapezoidal pendants are often found with Novgorod temple rings. Other hanging ornaments such as chains, bells, dangles and other temple rings are occasionally found as well. (Sedov, Ivanovo, Glazov) The pendants are also found with other simpler types of temple rings, as well as separately, presumably after falling off the associated ring.. Pendant decoration often but does not always echo temple ring decoration, and can be minimal as in figure 3 or more extensive as in figures 1-2. 

Fig. 1. Temple rings, pendants, and other finds from Gdov, various dates. From Glazov. 

Fig. 2. Tiered pendants, lunula, and other finds from St Petersburg, various dates. From Ivanovo. 


Fig.3. Bronze temple rings and pendants found in Vodskaya, likely 12th c. From Ryabinin. 

The trapezoids were cut out of sheet silver scraps with shears, engraved with punches following loosely the two pendant sets from Vodskya, holes drilled with a bow drill, and assembled with jump rings. To attach the pendants I twisted square wire and bent it into a figure eight shape, matching the hanging hooks seen in Figure 3. This was threaded onto the temple rings and tightened. This process can be seen below. 

Updated full documentation here.

Thanks to William Beornson/Bill Dawson for advice and studio time. 

Part 1

Part 3

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