Carta Ejecutoria de Hidalguia for Armand. Part two, the finished booklet. 

Armand’s Order of Defence scroll is actually a booklet, based on a Spanish document called a Carta Ejecutoria de Hidalguia, which confirmed a noble and family as such, and could be used to prove entitlement to various exemptions and benefits. 

These texts were often rather long, with some examples having 30 pages or more. For this project, I wrote a shorter, condensed text, while still trying to preserve the format. I also wrote an even shorter text in English, suitable for reading in court and for the recipients benefit. The document was bound as a limp pamphlet with a two color twisted cord, just as many extant examples. Most Cartas from the 16th century have painted decoration on the first few pages, giving way to text  with some flourishes designed to deter tampering. Certain parts of the text often received larger headings, such as Al Nuestro and Salud in the opening formula. 

This Carta of Phillip II, held by the Library of Congress, shows both the limp vellum structure, and the specific type of flourishing I used. 

Carta Ejecutoria de Hildalguia, issued by Phillip II, in a limp vellum binding. Library of Congress
Text page from a Carta Ejecutoria de Hildalguia, issued by Phillip II, Library of Congress

The first page was largely based on this example from 1565

Some of the finished booklet:

Opening pages
Second set of pages, with Salud

Signature page
Summarized English text, with my attestation of correctness.

And now for some progress photos:

Red is a good start

Just missing final details and gold.
Ready for binding

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Part 1


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