Two Recent block printing commissions 

These are two blockprinting commissions from this winter.  Both of these are registered by eye, as I was working in the smaller space indoors. 

First, a set of trim options on crossdyed silk, using the Russian round block, the heart from the pony print, a rose, and a diamond made of hearts carved by Fjorlief.  This was meant to have a general rus effect, and hearts are a common motif. I used blue, purple, and gold ink on the red/blue shot silk. 

With the block
The main block
Testing a layout
This gives the best feel of the fabric in 3D

Finished yardage

Gera requested an all over pattern on rust linen to be used for a kirtle , having seen this rust patterned kirtle in an illumination. 

I selected from blocks on hand, and we decided two colors would suit best. 

After testing various ink colors, we settled on a medium burgundy and gold. Note: speedball gold takes forever to dry in the winter. 

Just the burgundy

Final yardage. The pattern is distorted by how it was hanging.
Finished kirtle made by Gera.


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  1. These are beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Marilee says:

    This is crtsyal clear. Thanks for taking the time!


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