Jewel of the Summits scroll. 

This is a variant style of illumination, based on a Gospel from Novgorod. Sumi gold, red ink and gouache on pergamenta. 
In a departure from the tetralogical style, the red outline was done almost last. Looking at the exemplar, it appears that the green frame and blue background and letters were painted first, followed by the gold, then the red outline, and lastly the white dots.

The exemplar. From Smirnova 2011
Initial sketch

Green frame
With text.

The text is a slight modification of the standard text from the Summits ceremonial. 

“A principality stands or falls on its accomplishments. Our armies would stand unclothed and disarmed without our artisans and craftspeople. As Our former Champion of Arts and Sciences, We invite you, Anja Snihova, to enter the Order of the Jewel of the Summits. Let all know that your accomplishments are a tribute to the Summits. Go forth and teach so all may learn and benefit. We give our and hand seal, February 25, AS 51.  ”

I edited only for length, and to swap to a more Russian corroboratation phrase. 

I wrote the text mid painting steps in order to utilize the drying time on the gouache. It is written in a pseudohand I created. 

Gold added. I used sumi gold rather than the likely shell gold.
Red outlines added with the red ink, this time with a brush.

Finished but for erasing the guidelines.


Smirnova, Ė S. Iskusstvo knigi v srednevekovoi Rush : Lit︠s︡evye Velikogo Novgoroda, XV Vek. Moskva: “Severnii Galomnik”, 2011. Print.


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