Novgorod temple rings part 3.

Since I was entering the Novgorod Slovene temple rings I had made in An Tir’s Arts and Sciences Championship, I decided to make another pair, either as part of the entry or to be able to wear some while I presented.  These turned out to be a bigger diameter with smaller flanges, and I ended up wearing these as swapping them out would have meant swapping pendants also. My original silver set were the entry, as planned. 

I used the last of the mostly hand rolled fine silver wire, and drew it down closer to the size I wanted. The drawplate I was using didn’t have the right size, so I twisted it and rolled it to get it the last little bit smaller. 


Drawplates have been found in both Russian and Norse contexts. 

As before I flattened and then expanded the flanges. This time I didn’t go quite far enough.  

First and second rounds of shield/flange expansion.

Next the wires were bent into rings. 

Bent into rings

Finally I cut the wire end on one end of the rings off and punched the decoration. 

Decoration done

I used a dot/ cross scheme with chevrons at each end, similar to this extant ring. 

Two 11thc examples. From Tomsinskii
Temple rings found in urban Novgorod. From Sedova
Finished temple rings

Final Documentation:

Part 1

Part 2


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Tomsinskii, S. V. Drevnaia Rus. Saint Petersburg: Mvou Irmumaz, 2007. 


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