Hollow Bead Temple Rings, in process. 

While I was researching the Novgorod rhomboidal temple rings, I encountered another type in the Vodskaya digs outside Novgorod that caught my interest.
This is a temple ring that takes the form of a hoop threaded with multiple hollow beads. In the Vodskaya digs pictured below there are between 4 and 9 beads per ring. The hoop generally has a spiral or loop on one end, and a pierced flattened area on the other. Most of the Vodskaya finds are bronze, with one pair found in silver. (Ryabinin, pg 55)

Many pairs have beads that have come unsoldered.

Hollow bead temple rings, nos 6-10. From Ryabinin, pg 244
Hollow bead temple rings, nos 1-7. 6 is silver. From Ryabinin, pg 245.

I decided to attempt 9 beads per ring, as in numbers 1,2 from Ryabinin pg 245, at close to actual size of approx 5cm diameter.

I first punched circles from sheet bronze and drifted center holes. Since this is a trial run, some of them are slightly different alloy so as to use available scraps.

Next I raised them into domes with a dapping block.

Soldering jig made from charcoal and a nail.

Assembled beads, one polished.

I’m still finishing the soldering, for a hopeful total of 18 beads. Some of this first batch are not as aligned as I like, and may well be redone.

Part Two


Ryabinin, E. A. Vodskai︠a︡ Zemli︠a︡ Velikogo Novgoroda: Rezulʹtaty Arkheologicheskikh Issledovaniĭ 1971-1991 Gg. S.-Peterburg: “Dmitriĭ Bulanin”, 2001. Print.


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