Russian Lion’s Strength, in sepia. 

A Lion’s Strength scroll based on the mid 14th c Theodore Lectionary.  Pigments, gum Arabic, and commercial gold ink on Pergamenta. 

Header from the Theodore Lectionary. Source: Vzdornov

Two column layout with header from the Theodore Lectionary. Source: Vzdornov

The order of operations seems odd on the exemplar. It looks to me as if the gold was painted over another color in some places. A change of plan? Flakey gilding? I have chosen to start with the gold, as is seen in other manuscripts. Also note the relatively transparent sepia ink for the text. 

I made my own paint and ink from ground pigments and gum Arabic. The red and blue green were leftover from the Novgorod gospel pages, and are synthetic ultramarine mixed with a little terre verte, and synthetic vermillion.

The sepia ink is red ochre, yellow ocher and raw umber in a dilute gum Arabic binder. The gold is Daler & Rowney brand commercial ink. 

The scroll is done on pergamenta. Text provided by the royal scribe, calligraphy is a variation on my Cyrillic pseudohand. 

Pseudohand ductus
Text written.
Gold outlines and background
White work in progress

The white lining, done with a thin whippy brush, makes the header come alive. 

Finished header detail.
Finished but for signatures and seal.


Vzdornov, G. I. Iskusstvo Knigi v Drevneĭ Rusi : Rukopisnai︠a︡ Kniga Severo-Vostochnoĭ Rusi XII – Nachala XV Vekov. Moskva: Iskusstvo, 1980. 
Popova, Olga. Russian Illuminated Manuscripts. London: Thames and Hudson, 1984. 


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