Ethiopian Inspired Mountain Sun by Carith

Carith fell in love with these Ethiopian Gospel pages from the Walters Museum, Manuscript W.836 and modified them to fit her recipient, who has a great fondness for rabbits, and uses them in her arms. This lively scroll was given out at Three Mountains Yule, December 2016.   Adding bunnies.  Full cartoon.  Transliteration of the…

Egil’s Tourney prize scrolls

These two similar documents are prizes given for the Never won a Tourney tournaments, rapier and armored, at Egils 2017.
They are based on 15th c English documents, and are written with oak gall ink on parchment. (Parchment by David Bianco)
The seals and signatures are those of the Baron and Baroness of Adiantum and the Prince and Princess of the Summits.

Runestone Pelican scroll. 

A Pelican scroll based on 10th-11th c.   runestones from Sweden. Ink and gouache on Bristol. The text is written in Swedish runes ca 1000, and is inspired by drottkvætt, Norse skaldic verse. I believe I’ve gotten closer to the form this time. ‘This stone was raised at Egils 43. Dwarf named was Sir Durin…