Russian Stormblade

A baronial champion award for Stromgard. Based on a 16th c Russian Acts of the Apostles. Modern and period gouache, gold and black ink on Bristol.

I combined motifs from several pages of this manuscript to create my design. The outlines appear to have been done in gold, likely leaf. I have used gold colored ink. 

A significant portion of 15-16th Russian illuminated manuscripts were on paper, (Smirnova, Vzdornov) leading to my choice to use Bristol board.  

My text is loosely based on parts of several 15-16th c charters translated by Sofya La Rus.

Exemplars. Source: Russian Ornament Sourcebook. 

Design and text layout.
Gold outline and further details
Orange and red
A start on blue

Horizontal diapering lines
Finished diapering.
Black background in progress
White / yellow work part one.
Final white work and pen detailing.


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Koscova, Aleksandra Semenovna. Drevnerusskaja živopis’ v Sobranii Érmitaža: Ikonopis’, Knižnaja Miniatjura…XIII-nač. XVII Veka = Early Russian Painting in the Hermitage Collection: Icons, Book-miniatures.. Sankt-Peterburg: Iskusstvo, 1992. 

Popova, Olga. Russian Illuminated Manuscripts. London: Thames and Hudson, 1984. 

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