Laurel scroll for Elisabeth Piper. 

This was a backlog scroll, and was long overdue. Jacqueline commissioned me to make Elisabeth her Laurel scroll for the approximately 26th anniversary of her Laurelling. 

The scroll design and calligraphy are based largely on a 1569 grant of arms to Sir Nicholas Bacon, with text based on a 1571 grant of arms combined with a 1649 letter offering a place in the order of the Garter.

Modern and period gouache and ink on pergamenta. Braid for the pendant seals by Ariadne Leonida. 

Exemplar. A 1569 grant of arms to Nicholas Bacon. Source: WikiMedia Commons.


To all and singular, as well Nobles and gentle Persons as others, to whom these presents shall come, Davin and Octavia, by Strength and grace King and Queen of An Tir, send greetings. 

To Our right trusty and entirely beloved Cousin, Elisabeth Piper, Greetings.

Whereas our Royal Progenitors, the Kings and Queens of An Tir have, in all times since the founding of the kingdom, elected and chosen into the most Noble Order of the Laurel such eminent Persons of their own Subjects, as have for the Nobility, and Greatness of their Spirit been thought worthy of the same, We find how necessary it is for the Honor of the said Order, to elect others, who for their Nobility, Courage, Skill and Fidelity, may be fit to be admitted thereunto. 
Wherefore We, duly weighing the Nobleness of your person together with the great Service and Skill given to Us and our realm, have thought fit to confer upon you such signal Mark of our Favor and high Esteem, as may fully evidence the same. 

Know ye therefore, that We by our Power, do elect and choose you, our said right trusty and entirely beloved Cousin, Elisabeth Piper, to be Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Laurel, and Peer of Our Realm.

We do hereby Will and Authorize you to wear the insignia of said Order and to use the Laurel Wreath about your Arms and as well to lawfully bear the said Arms, that is to say, Or, a unicorn couchant contourny purpure, as more plainly depicted in this margent and confirmed by our Black Lion principal herald of An Tir. 

The which Arms and every part and parcel thereof do We ratify allow and confirm unto you, the said Elisabeth Piper, to bear at your libertie and pleasure without impediment, let, or interruption of any person or persons.

 Done on the 6th Day of July, anno societatis twenty six , being nineteen ninety one Gregorian.

The text is modified from the one I used for Elizabeth Blackdane’s scroll in 2015. More about that text :

Calligraphy trial run.
Calligraphy and sketch.
The hand is based on the exemplar, as is the practice of writing the first phrase of a sentence in red. 

The herald in the initial T is wearing the An Tir kingdom herald tabard rather than England, and is meant look like the current office holder. The hearts were converted to circles to better display the Order badges, and the laurel wreaths are filled with populace badges and items relevant to the recipient, while the recipients Arms are repeated in the top border in place of the English Royal arms. 

Red underlayment for gold gouache.

Gold done. 

Almost done. Still missing white highlights, black line work and the red outlines on the border. 

Ready but for seals and signatures. 


“Grant of Arms to Sir Nicholas Bacon 1569. ” WikiMedia Commons. Wikimedia Foundation, Web. <;

“AddMS 39249.” British Library Online. Web. <;


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