Coronation block printing 

Ayla asked me to print fabric suitable for an outdoor coronation, with washability and visual representation of the Crown of An Tir as priorities. I started with linen and an example of a 14th c extant piece from the Met, and also pictured in Forrer. 

Printed silk. Source: The Met.
14th extant printing. Source: Forrer
The eagle was replaced by a lion, representative of the kingdom arms,  the crown was perfect, and for her the scroll was replaced by a rose, while for him a different scroll carrying a motto was used. Printing was done with a commercial oil based ink. 

Exemplar for the motto scroll. Source: Santangelo.
Block designs
Lion block design. I call him Spike.
The rose block.
Trial layout
Just the crowns
Just finished.
The overall repeat.
Gold ink trials. Some experimenting was needed.
Laying out the crowns with the mallet as a size reference. I used the smaller one as the reference for her fabric.
Starting the rest of the motifs.
TRM An Tir shortly before their coronation. Sewing by Morrghan O’Siodhachain and Ayla Roth. Her crespines by Ellenwy. Source: Sir Morgan of Aberystwyth.

Forrer, Robert. Die Kunst Des Zeugdrucks Vom Mittelalter Bis Zur Empirezeit. Nach Urkunden Und Originaldrucken Bearb. Strassburg I. Els.: Shclesier Und Schweikhardt, 1898.

Santangelo, Antonino. The Development of Italian Textile Design from the 12th to the 18th Century. London: Zwemmer, 1964.


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