Block printing for Istvan

I printed linen for a knighting tunic for Istvan, using a design based on an 10-11th c Russian find, also inspired by an illumination of Bulgars battling Byzantines from the early 11th c Menalogion of Basil II. 

Block printed fragment, 11th c Chernigov. Source: Jakunina
Block printed fragment and reconstruction, 11th c Chernigov. Source: Jakunina
My block was carved as a linoleum block rather than a wood block for ease and speed of carving. 

Block in progress.
Battle of Pliska, from the Menalogion of Basil II, folio 345. Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Menalogion of Basil II is a lavishly illuminated Byzantine liturgical manuscript dating to ca 1000. It is currently in the Vatican Library, and has been digitized. 

The individual in the black and gold was an inspiration for the use of this   particular block.  I used gold oil based ink on green linen as requested. 

The gold ink on green made the finished fabric hard to photograph. 

Sir Istvan in the finished garment

Sewing by Megan Windermere and Idonia Sherwood. 


Jakunina, L. J. “O triech kurgannych tkaniach” Trudy Gosudarstwiennowo Istoriczieskowo Muzieja, T.11. Moskwa, 1940, s. 140 inn, rys. 1

“” DigiVatLib. Web. 11 July 2017. <;

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