Two pre 1600 Russian banners.

I’ve been looking for extant Russian banners. Certainly the idea of pennants, etc is known, as can be seen in this 15th C icon showing the 12thC battle of the Novgorodians and Suzdalians. Source: WikiMedia Commons. Here’s the two I have so far, both with saintly imagery and text: One is painted canvas from the…

A 15th c Cypher

A Royal Cypher, based on a 15th c English manuscript, BL MS Royal 18 D II . India ink and yellow ocher on Bristol. 9″ x 12″, which is close to the exemplars size. Text provided by the royal scribe. Exemplar 1, Folio 198 I based my initial on this initial W. Exemplar 2, folio…

A Latin champions text

For Mattias’s Mountain’s Pride, I wanted to try my hand at a Latin text, to match the documents of the 12th c.
The text is based on a Latin charter of Raoul de Coucy, dated to 1168.