Coil temple rings

Coil, also called curly, temple rings consist of wire coils wrapped around a larger gauge hoop.

Found mostly in the west, there are also 2 13th c examples from Novgorod. (Kolchin & Makarova)

This is one of the types of temple rings that is also described in the literature as earrings. It is certainly possible they were worn both ways.

Bronze, Poland, 11th c. Source: Brzezinski.

Novgorod, center. Source: Sedova

As displayed, Novgorod State Historical Museum. Source: Slavic Archaeology, Michael Fuller.

My process:

I started with bronze wire in two gauges, 16 and 24.

I made a long coil out of the smaller gauge wire by winding it around a mandrel.

I threaded a small portion of the coil on a piece of the larger gauge wire, and then wrapped the coil around it. Once I had enough wraps, I bent a section of the remaining coil and threaded it as well.

Coil off the hoop.

Once the coil was threaded, I bent the larger wire into a round hoop.

I find the second pair, shown on the bottom, looked much closer to my extant example. On that pair I pulled on the spring/coil to open it up before wrapping, giving a more open look to the wraps. They are the same size as the extant one, and the first pair are very close, though slightly larger.


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