Runestone Championship scroll

A championship scroll based on 10th-11th c.  runestones, particularly the Näsby Odensala stone.

Ink and gouache on Bristol.

The text is written in Swedish runes ca 1000, and is inspired by drottkvætt, Norse skaldic verse.

The text reads:

King Christian, fierce Sable Lion
Kind Helene, glittering queen
Send for their clever skald
snow drifts’s slow road to cross

Bright bard, lions true champion
Bold Gala, braids of gold
Lore mother, valleys voice
Vast An Tir hears her song.

Whales road carries wisdom
Wordfame Weaver, Ring-norn
Gracious gentle service
Gifts from raven gods cup.

Ring givers grant her praise
Glory that lives in minds eyes
Troubadour of the Lion
This we name Gala now.

November 11th, AS 53

Droktvætt is found on the Karlevi runestone, but most inscriptions are shorter and more direct. I have used it here as it is a formal form used for praise.

Nåsby runestone.

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Swedish National Heritage Board

Stone texturing over line sketch, taped down to accommodate watercolor.

Starting the red line work.

Outline done.

Runes done.

I wish I had gotten a picture of it signed and sealed.


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