Laurel Vigil

I vigiled twice, in order to see people outside by local area too. My priorities were space to chat, a book and bread and salt plus goodies.

Vigil One was at Collegium, and I have fewer pictures.

I wore an ancient underdress, the Severian temple rings, and my paneva and apron.

Marzipan in the shape of temple rings, black lions and a Laurel wreath, by Angharat.

Vigil book by Roana.

Vigil two was the afternoon of Yule, in a tent. So wool was a priority.

Dress sewn by Alail, over my blue linen Pskov dress.

I wore my copper Novgorod temple rings and the most recent set of rings with pendants.

Lunula necklace assembled from a commercial lunula with beads by Ariadne. Inspired by a necklace/ festoon from Pskov.

Spread at vigil 2: Laurel shortbread from Richenda, Bread from Merrie, Tarts from Fjorlief, stuffed mushrooms from Eden. Not pictured, beer by Istvan Gyori.

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