Laurel elevation details.

I was elevated to the Order of the Laurel December 1st, 2018. I had a ton of help with clothes, ceremony and much more.

Victor, James, Ælfflæd, Vesta and Mir spoke for me. Joseph was my Herald, and Laurence and the kiddos processed in with me.

I swore on the Orb.

Medallion by Bill Dawson

Strung by me.

Scrollette by Hlutwige, gold leaf on birchbark.

Wreath made by Ælfflæd

Ælfflæd’s speech:

‘I, Laurel-Companion, Ælfflæd Ælfgaresdohtor

Speak for Marya Kargashina, once my apprentice.

Fine friend she has been to me, a full score and four years,

When well-met we wandered, students in the Summits.

Before oaths were sworn, to teach and to learn,

We weighed her wergild, the weapon-wielder and I

Counsel-sharer, she speaks and she hears.

Gracious Name-giver, words spread world-wide.

My student’s mind delves, deep in Novgorod’s mud

Bringing forth knowledge, from the floor of wind’s hall.

Blue-handed tutor, tints woven textiles,

All of the colors, of Os-gearth’s bridge.

Her hammers she wields, striking hard Weyland’s way.

Bright bronze and silver, deck temples with Slav-rings.

Loud is her language, with the word-fame of others.

Word-sword wielder, bright the runes written.

Through fire and flood, my fierce friend forges onward.

Jubilant, her joy, flares in others a flame.

Knowledge-sower, her seeds cross the kingdom.

Garth-grower now, guides her own plantings.

Bittersweet my tears, at the loss of my student.

Great is my joy, greet the laurel tree grown

I give you my gratitude, mighty ring-givers

For making my bench-mate, a peer of the realm!’


Linen Sorochka/underdress by Roana.

Silk rubahka/underdress by Ciarnat.

Embroidered cuffs and collar set for rubakha by Fjorlief.

Belt (not visible) by Don Eagle.

Overdress by Idonia

Temple rings, on a silk band with brocaded cardweaving by Finn.

Headdress by me. Bottom pic after swapping trees for Laurel plaques.

Mantle printed by Morrghan, sewn by Ayla, using Laurel plaques.

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