Laurel lunula from Tullia

Tullia made lovely little laurel stamped lunulas, and gifted me one.

This meant I had to string it. I looked at a few examples of strung lunulas.

Source: PMA Cyfrowe Zasoby Muzeum Archeologicznego date: XII -XIII c. place: unknown

From Nitra, Slovakia

I settled on this set of beads from Novgorod as my inspiration.

Source: Novgorod State Museum

I also looked at other examples of bead finds.

Beads 11-13 centuries. Novgorod, Nerevsky end. From SHM exposure.

Source: The Hermitage Museum Online

I decided on a very yellow color scheme, based on the reasonable looking beads I had on hand. This is strung on modern plasticized cable with a purchased clasp, and the beads accumulated from various sources. A few of them were event site tokens.


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