Minoan trial run

I made Minoan clothes based on the above fresco from Akrotiri and Potnia Vesta’s collegium handout . More of Vesta’s research can be found here.

My goal was to use stash on hand whenever possible.

I started with an existing yet roomy underdress. First step was to add the band across the shoulders. This was likely a loom header, mine is plausibly cardwoven looking modern trim.

Next I cut and hemmed the deep v neckline, and fitted in the side seams. Making sure the v is sufficiently inside the nipples is what keeps the heanos (dress) stable. I see in retrospect that I need to leave more room on one side.

Neckline check, and after trimming. Ties will go where my hand is.

All trim, including the hem bands, added.

I braided wool ties and made tassels for the cuffs.

Khasar gave me a red cardwoven band, which trimmed the skirt edges nicely.

The skirt is simplified from my example fresco, though I plan to add the additional trim and fringe.

Vesta was successfully surprised! Khasar also made Minoan for the event, all hand sewn and cardwoven trim.

The full effect, with the correct skirt wrap direction. The necklace is a thrift find. I still need the right sort of hoop earrings.

Due to the ties and the reinforcement of the shoulder and neckline trim, this was very secure. I could bend and wiggle without any wardrobe malfunctions. A looser tie would also be secure, while the bare breasted version of the look can easily be achieved by pulling the neckline wider around the breasts.

With Vesta at Athenaeum.


Aurelia, Vesta Antonia . “Goin’ Minoan: An Exploration Into the Clothing of the Minoan Woman. .” Vesta of the Summits, Facebook , 2017, http://www.facebook.com/VestaSummits/posts/1233883536725509%E2%80%A9.

Aurelia, Vesta Antonia. “The Slides from My 2017 Presentation” Vesta of the Summits, Facebook, 2017, http://www.facebook.com/829559910491209/posts/2228048263975693?s=1588167060&sfns=mo.

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  1. Tim Kenny says:

    Stumbled upon blog whilst doing a bit of digging on Minoans. Great stuff!


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