Tetralogical scroll for Hlutwige

A Thank You scroll for the outgoing Baroness who has almost everything.

Hand mixed gouache, India ink and finetec gold on pergamenta. Approximately 11×17.

Most of the gouache I used was received as a prize and made by Antonia Crivelli.

This piece was inspired by several manuscripts in the tetralogical style.

The frame was based on this chapter opening page and modified to include elements from the Stromgard arms such as the trident and seahorse.

The text header was loosely based on this 15th c manuscript header and incorporates the chicken headed loops.

Finally, I borrowed this bird shaped terminal ornament.

Evangelist miniatures in tetralogical frames. Source: Popova, Vzdornov

The evangelist portrait as seen in the examples above was turned in to a miniature of the recipient.

I based the setting on this miniature of St Luke.

The text was written in my pseudohand, composed by Arnora Grimmsdottir, and reads:

‘”All now draw nigh and attend the words of the Sable Lion thrones;

The great Kingdom of An Tir is made strong by those who live within its borders, those who fight to protect its lands, those who grace it with their skills in the arts and the sciences, by those who increase our wordfame as they steadfastly serve not only their own Barony but also the Crown, the Kingdom, and its populace with their works and deeds. Their every word and action does credit not only to themselves, but to their home lands.

It is the pleasure and the duty of the Crown to recognize all those who have greatly enriched the Kingdom in these ways, and so it is that we, Kjartan and Sha’ya, rightful King and Queen of An Tir, wish to give praise and thanks for the efforts of Our subject Hlutwige Wolfkiller as Baroness of Stromgard.

Many have been the contributions by this good woman to our Kingdom and to her Barony; her service and teachings, the sharing of her skills in the arts, and by her steadfast and loyal support of the Barony. She has welcomed all and fostered those new to our lands with an exemplar of courtesy and chivalry.

On this day we do present her this small token of our great appreciation and gratitude for her  love and loyalty to the Barony of Stromgard. Go forth now, Baroness Hlutwige, secure in the knowledge that the love is returned; That your loyalty is rebounded tenfold.

This we do by hand and seal June 22, A. S. 54. ”

Text written, initial layout.

Starting the frame

Ornament drawn

Red outline finished

Miniature sketched in.

Blue background filled in.

Gold highlights.

Penwork and gold miniature background are done.

Miniature blocked in.

Miniature complete.

Ready to send off.

Signed and sealed.


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