Sable Scrivner by Rannveig

Several years ago I received a Sable Scrivner award, but with no scroll. So, it went on the backlog list. Recently Masteritsa Rannveig picked up the assignment, and delivered this lovely piece in the braid style to me at July Coronation. I love it.

It reads, in English, as follows:

The skill and work of the scribe with a pen and ink, gold and silver, parchment and paint, as well as the selfless sacrifice of time, benefit both the Crown and the recipient, as well as all those who seek beauty. We, Havordh and Mary Grace, King and Queen of the Sable Lion Throne, thank Marya Kargashina for your art and service are true, reflecting this honor, glory and power that is An Tir. Thus, we are pleased to invite you to join our Order of the Sable Scrivener. Confirming this, We hereby lay Our hand and seal the twelfth day of December A.S. L

written by Rannveig

Her inspiration:

Braid layout:

Line work and calligraphy:

Process photos courtesy Rannveig Skrifari

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