Russian charter set for An Tir

A set of art for charters (preprints) in the Russian tetralogical style.

Award of arms

Goutte de sang.

Jambe de leon.

Grey goose shaft

Sable gauntlet


Grey goose in progress

Award of arms with text.

Aoa painted.

Sable gauntlet painted.


Bowater, Marina, and V. V. Stasov. The Decorative Art of Russia. New York: Portland House, 1990. Print. 

The Russian Ornament Sourcebook: 10th-16th Centuries. London: Vivays Pub., 2011. Print.

Smirnova, Ė S. Lit︠s︡evye Rukopisi Velikogo Novgoroda, XV Vek. Moskva: “Nauka”, 2011. Print.

Vzdornov, G. I. Iskusstvo Knigi v Drevneĭ Rusi : Rukopisnai︠a︡ Kniga Severo-Vostochnoĭ Rusi XII – Nachala XV Vekov. Moskva: Iskusstvo, 1980. Print.

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  1. Jehanne says:

    Charters serve the kingdom in so many ways. Your work will be appreciated by Their Majesties and awed by those who receive the painted awards. Thanks for sharing your process.

    Liked by 1 person

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