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Inscriptions for their memory: 14-17th century Russian names from the collections of the Trinity-Sergius monastery. 

Known World Heralds and Scribes Symposium 2017

Forty Pelts in a Bundle: Archaeological Evidence for the Use of the Sorochok/Timber Unit in Medieval Novgorod. 

An Tir KASB 2017

Wooden Seals

An excerpt from Forty Pelts at the Florligeum, under Commerce.

Names from Muscovite Judgment Charters; Diminutives as Documentary Forms and Name Frequency in Justice in Medieval Russia.

Known World Heralds and Scribes Symposium Proceedings 2013

Survey of Medieval Russian Illumination. 

Published in the proceedings of the 2014 An Tir Heralds and Scribes Symposium.

Polish Armorials

Published in the proceedings of the 2014 An Tir Heralds and Scribes Symposium.

Name Frequency in Medieval Novgorod. 

KWHSS 2010, also linked from the Medieval Names Archive

Class Handouts:

SCA project blogging: Why, What, Where and How.

Egils Tournament 2019 SCA project blogging

Tetralogical Illumination

An Tir Collegium 2018 Tetralogical Illumination in Medieval Russia

Name Documentation for SCA registration

An Tir KHSS 2018

Name docs for the SCA

Aspects of the Fur Trade in Medieval Novgorod

An Tir Collegium 2017FortyPeltBundle Collegium

Temple Rings West and East, a History of a Slavic Accessory.

An Tir Collegium 2017

Temple Rings West and East

Textile printing in premodern Europe and Asia (with Ursel Lindenhayn)

An Tir Collegium 2016

Novgorod style illumination

Dragon’s Mist class day 2015, Midwinters 2017

Scroll design considerations for An Tir and other SCA use

Dragon’s Mist class day 2015, September Crown 2016

Basic Medieval Russian names for the SCA 

Basic Russian Names


Novgorod Style Temple Rings
Version 1

Version 2, with pendants.

Version 3, from KASB 2017

Novgorod Tetralogical Illumination: The opening pages of the Gospel of John.

KASB 2017

Illumination docs

Pskov Overdress: A Theory 

KASB 2016

Shibori Kosode
Adiantum A&S 2016

Russian Blockprinted Fabric

Adiantum A&S 2016

Birchbark Boxes from Novgorod 

KASB 2012