Sable Scrivner by Rannveig

Several years ago I received a Sable Scrivner award, but with no scroll. So, it went on the backlog list. Recently Masteritsa Rannveig picked up the assignment, and delivered this lovely piece in the braid style to me at July Coronation. I love it. It reads, in English, as follows: The skill and work of…

Laurel lunula from Tullia

Tullia made lovely little laurel stamped lunulas, and gifted me one. This meant I had to string it. I looked at a few examples of strung lunulas. Source: PMA Cyfrowe Zasoby Muzeum Archeologicznego date: XII -XIII c. place: unknown From Nitra, Slovakia I settled on this set of beads from Novgorod as my inspiration. Source:…

Laurel elevation details.

I was elevated to the Order of the Laurel December 1st, 2018. I had a ton of help with clothes, ceremony and much more. Victor, James, Ælfflæd, Vesta and Mir spoke for me. Joseph was my Herald, and Laurence and the kiddos processed in with me. I swore on the Orb. Medallion by Bill Dawson…

Laurel Vigil

I vigiled twice, in order to see people outside by local area too. My priorities were space to chat, a book and bread and salt plus goodies. Vigil One was at Collegium, and I have fewer pictures. I wore an ancient underdress, the Severian temple rings, and my paneva and apron. Marzipan in the shape…

Russian Baronial award, by Michael.

I was honored to receive my Barony’s persona award this past weekend, and Michael Sinclair made this lovely Russian scroll for me!! It’s gouache on pergamenta, and about 11″ x 14″.

Russian Pelican

This was a collaborative project with members of the Thornwold Scriptorium (Jadwiga Radomyskowa, Ursula von Frieberg, and Valka Siggadottir). The assignment was a surprise Pelican scroll for a Russian persona. We determined to use the tetralogical style, so Valka picked a lovely 15th c Muscovite gospels as the exemplar. Source: Vyzdornov This piece is unfinished,…

An Anglo-Saxon Resource.

Saxon Rabbit is back! My Laurel, Ælfflæd, is gradually getting her website back online, now on WordPress. She has info on brocaded tablet weaving, the Anglo-Saxon lyre, and more. Take a look!! Saxon Rabbit

Fjorlief’s 14th century inspired scroll

Back in May, Fjorlief made an equestrian championship scroll for Stromgard based largely on the Hours of Saint Omer, British Library Add MS 36684, with additional bits of inspiration from the Luttrell Psalter and the Queen Mary Psalter.

Beak’s Reed Pen Presentation

Beak experimentally reconstructed Egyptian reed pens for Three Mountains’ Arts and Sciences Championship. She made 6 possible versions of the pen and wrote with each on papyrus. Documentation: 110917 Egyptian Reed Pen (1) Reed pens. Source: Brooklyn Museum

Ethiopian Inspired Mountain Sun by Carith

Carith fell in love with these Ethiopian Gospel pages from the Walters Museum, Manuscript W.836 and modified them to fit her recipient, who has a great fondness for rabbits, and uses them in her arms. This lively scroll was given out at Three Mountains Yule, December 2016.   Adding bunnies.  Full cartoon.  Transliteration of the…