An ongoing list of useful resources and research. I’m adding things intermittently. 


Metropolitan Museum publications: all out of print items are pdfs

SCA Scribal

Thoughts about sca award texts.

A list of digitized manuscripts.

Metal pens

Persian Illumination

Many historical scripts

A useful calligraphy resource

My Russian and neighbors manuscript Pinterest board. Most pins are 1600 or earlier.

A good source for texts:


Textile finds from near Lake Ladoga, including printed fabric and cardwoven bands, in English.

Initial report on textiles found at Lendbreen Pass in Norway.

ATR, Archaeological Textile Review has made up thru issue 57 available in PDF format. Follow the download issue link in the left sidebar. Historic textile analysis from around the globe, in English.

A large collection of 10-15th c Indian printed textiles found in Egypt.

Temple rings

Metallurgical analysis of temple rings.

Ristovka’s article on the many possible ways of wearing temple rings.

Click to access 18%20Ristovska-opt-sec.pdf

Peter Beaton’s overview article on East Slavic temple rings. This is a useful and accurate summary in English.


Mistress Sofya La Rus’s website. Lots of varied medieval Russian information.

Archaeological publications from the 1890s-1900s. Needs a Djvu reader.

A selection of issues of Archaeology of the USSR edited by B A Rybakov. Good in both depth and breadth.


Anja’s evolving list of food found in the Domostroi.

The Novgorod birchbark documents, by document number.

Novgorod state museum online collections

A small collection of metal finds

A collection of museum photos and etc.


Various useful resources on Japanese clothing and more.

A blog post with interesting links for kosode construction.

Calontir Clothiers Symposium 2017


Birka reports, in PDF

The Birka bag handles

An apron dress reconstruction

The Woman Dressed in Blue: a Textile Find from the 10th c. Icelandic grave and its reconstruction. By Marianne, Guckelsberger and Marled Mader.


A comprehensive website with many articles on medieval names.

Sca vetted names articles:

Known World Heralds and Scribes Symposium proceedings, with many names articles.

Predslava Vydrina’s article on names found in the birchbark documents.

Sca research and documentation

Tullia’s posts on documentation:

Kaðlin’s thoughts on research:

Anglo- Saxon

Ælfflæd’s website, with information on the Anglo Saxon Lyre, brocaded tablet weaving, and more.