Russian charter set for An Tir

A set of art for charters (preprints) in the Russian tetralogical style. Award of arms Goutte de sang. Jambe de leon. Grey goose shaft Sable gauntlet Inspiration Grey goose in progress Award of arms with text. Aoa painted. Sable gauntlet painted. Sources: Bowater, Marina, and V. V. Stasov. The Decorative Art of Russia. New York:…

Mountain and Grail charter.

A charter(preprint) design for TAH Antoine and Kathren. I based it on a 16th c English indenture, swapping out badges and foliage for Summits specific imagery. The roses became barberries, and the portcullises the grail and mountains. Finally, the arms became those of the Summits. Text added by the coronet scribe. Painted:

Russian Charter set

A set of five charters for An Tir in the tetralogical style, these were loosely based on a 14th c gospel from Moscow. The Awards included are the Lion’s Torse, Lion’s Cub, Terpsichore’s Fox, Leo Minor, and Lion’s Mane. To make them a set, I drew the frame and then added different critters and knotwork…

Tiger of St Francis Charter

A charter (preprint) for the Summits, based on a 14-15th c Russian manuscript from Moscow. Source: Vzdornov Designed, waiting for calligraphy. The text was written in a pseudohand to emulate Cyrillic. Painted. Of these versions, the blue and the green are most typical of the tetralogical style. Sources: Vzdornov, G. I. Iskusstvo Knigi v Drevneĭ…

15th C style Charter for Summits

A 15th c English inspired charter/preprint for the Summits children’s award, Die Geschellschaft Von den Guldenen Sternen. The calligraphy is based on the exemplar, and the text is from the Summits Ceremonial. This will be printed out and painted in to make award documents. The exemplar , the ca 1450 Black Book of the Admiralty….

Goutte charter

A preprint/charter master for An Tir, based on a late 15th century Psalter in the British Library, MS Harley 487, 33v. This will be printed out and painted in to make award documents. Calligraphy by Rignach of words by Arnora, both provided by the royal scribe. I rearranged and replaced the initial with the badge…

Egil’s Tourney prize scrolls

These two similar documents are prizes given for the Never won a Tourney tournaments, rapier and armored, at Egils 2017.
They are based on 15th c English documents, and are written with oak gall ink on parchment. (Parchment by David Bianco)
The seals and signatures are those of the Baron and Baroness of Adiantum and the Prince and Princess of the Summits.

Early 16thc Award of Arms Charter. 

A charter master from fall 2015, drawn by me, calligraphy by Ursel Lindenhayn, text provided by Royal Scribe.  Based on a 1508 English charter Before dots  Adding dots.  Ready for calligraphy.  I painted this one.  Source “Stowe Charters 617” The British Libary Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts. Web. Aug. 28 2016. <;

12th c. Charter Master

An An Tir Sable Gauntlet charter master for TRM  Savaric and Dalla, based on a French manuscript. Done in May 2015;jsessionid=59E7939489D3E3FBAD1258302D9114E9 I turned this into more of a T, also looking at the rest of the manuscript.;jsessionid=59E7939489D3E3FBAD1258302D9114E9 Sources: “Lectionarium Missae Et Officii Ad Usum Monast…” – Site Gallica Mobile. Web. 22 Aug. 2016.<;jsessionid=59E7939489D3E3FBAD1258302D9114E9&gt;.