15th C style Charter for Summits

A 15th c English inspired charter/preprint for the Summits children’s award, Die Geschellschaft Von den Guldenen Sternen. The calligraphy is based on the exemplar, and the text is from the Summits Ceremonial. This will be printed out and painted in to make award documents. The exemplar , the ca 1450 Black Book of the Admiralty….

Goutte charter

A preprint/charter master for An Tir, based on a late 15th century Psalter in the British Library, MS Harley 487, 33v. This will be printed out and painted in to make award documents. Calligraphy by Rignach of words by Arnora, both provided by the royal scribe. I rearranged and replaced the initial with the badge…

A 15th c Cypher

A Royal Cypher, based on a 15th c English manuscript, BL MS Royal 18 D II . India ink and yellow ocher on Bristol. 9″ x 12″, which is close to the exemplars size. Text provided by the royal scribe. Exemplar 1, Folio 198 I based my initial on this initial W. Exemplar 2, folio…

An Anglo-Saxon Resource.

Saxon Rabbit is back! My Laurel, Ælfflæd, is gradually getting her website back online, now on WordPress. She has info on brocaded tablet weaving, the Anglo-Saxon lyre, and more. Take a look!! Saxon Rabbit

Laurel scroll for Elisabeth Piper. 

This was a backlog scroll, and was long overdue. Jacqueline commissioned me to make Elisabeth her Laurel scroll for the approximately 26th anniversary of her Laurelling. The scroll design and calligraphy are based largely on a 1569 grant of arms to Sir Nicholas Bacon, with text based on a 1571 grant of arms combined with…

Egil’s Tourney prize scrolls

These two similar documents are prizes given for the Never won a Tourney tournaments, rapier and armored, at Egils 2017.
They are based on 15th c English documents, and are written with oak gall ink on parchment. (Parchment by David Bianco)
The seals and signatures are those of the Baron and Baroness of Adiantum and the Prince and Princess of the Summits.

Early 16thc Award of Arms Charter. 

A charter master from fall 2015, drawn by me, calligraphy by Ursel Lindenhayn, text provided by Royal Scribe.  Based on a 1508 English charter http://www.bl.uk/catalogues/illuminatedmanuscripts/ILLUMIN.ASP?Size=mid&IllID=5481 Before dots  Adding dots.  Ready for calligraphy.  I painted this one.  Source “Stowe Charters 617” The British Libary Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts. Web. Aug. 28 2016. <http://www.bl.uk/catalogues/illuminatedmanuscripts/ILLUMIN.ASP?Size=mid&IllID=5481&gt;

Text for a 16th c Laurel. 

Since Elizabeth Blackdane’s scroll needed to not only grant Arms, but convey induction into the Order of the Laurel, I combined two sources to achieve the text.   I started by transcribing a 1571 grant of arms to Henry Draper of Colbrook.  Text of the 1571 grant: To all and singular as well nobles and…

A 16th c Laurel scroll. 

Back in Fall of 2014 Ursel Lindenhayn and I collaborated on a Laurel award document for Mistress Elizabeth Blackdane. We both worked on the design, I wrote the text, Ursel did the calligraphy and gilding, while I did most of the painting, finally Ursel added pendant seals using braid by William Beornson.  The design is…