Trompe l’Oeil Scroll Crystal Rainbow

A Crystal Rainbow for Ciarnat, based on the pages for the Office of the Dead in a distinctive late 15th c.  French Book of Hours.  Modern and period gouache and ink on pergamenta.  The source manuscript uses a conceit of trompe l’oeil scrolls resting on backgrounds ranging from faux marble, to woven patterns, skulls, or…

12th c. Charter Master

An An Tir Sable Gauntlet charter master for TRM  Savaric and Dalla, based on a French manuscript. Done in May 2015;jsessionid=59E7939489D3E3FBAD1258302D9114E9 I turned this into more of a T, also looking at the rest of the manuscript.;jsessionid=59E7939489D3E3FBAD1258302D9114E9 Sources: “Lectionarium Missae Et Officii Ad Usum Monast…” – Site Gallica Mobile. Web. 22 Aug. 2016.<;jsessionid=59E7939489D3E3FBAD1258302D9114E9&gt;.